CPS3 range


There is a variety of chargers,from 12V/16Α to 24V/120Α.All the models and technical details can be found here

You can also check the results of the comparative test on marine battery chargers published in well known French magazine.


-3 years warranty

-Charge3 batteries simultaneously

-Parallel mount ability in order to multiply output current 

-Ergonomic and modern design

-3-step charge

-Εquipped with a selection wheel  allowing to set up the charger according the battery type and the application.

-12V/16A, 12V/25A, 12V/40A, 24V/12A and 24V/20A chargers have no cooling fan (silent operation)



The digital display has been designed for working with the CPS2 & the CPS3 battery charger range.

This option - stand-alone remote panel - shows current and voltage information related to the battery charger and different banks of batteries.


-Easy installation 

-It can monitor up to 3 batteries simultaneously

-Temperature sensor (optional)

-High/low voltage alarm for each battery

-2 years warranty