Sinewave inverters


The aim of the inverters is to convert battery direct voltage into 230VAC/50Hz alternating current. The SOLO inverters deliver a sinusoïdal wave identical to commercial mains supply. This signal type enables a wide scope of applications: computing equipment, lighting, Hi-Fi, domestic equipment.They have been designed to withstand to high current peak in starting transient phase: microwaves, electric tools, compressor, etc.


-2 years warranty

-Ergonomic and modern design


-Fuse integrated protection

-Sinusoidal wave identical to maisn supply ( ιμιτονοειδής καμπύλη , ιδανικό για ευαίσθηα μηχανήματα υψηλής τεχνολογίας )


Inverter user's manual:

solo1dee.pdf (544,8 kB)   solo3dfc.pdf (337,3 kB)